Understand yourself and others for business and personal success.


Not all coaches are experts in the human mind. ​

Rebecca Swanson is a psychology graduate and a certified NLP trainer. She’s trained in how your thought patterns can block you – and how to change them. ​

Not all human mind experts are business savvy or emotionally intelligent. ​

Rebecca is both. She connects on a deep level and understands you. She uses this insight to coach compassionately and inspire clarity, advising clients on both business and personal life challenges. ​

Do you need clarity and direction to work through challenges in your life or business?

““You’re an amazing listener, can see the bigger picture and ask all the right questions to help me map out the best way forward. I’m feeling a lot of clarity and the areas we worked on are already improving. Thank you so much for your amazing work.”. ​
Brad Goodchild
Bikram Yoga Five Dock

What area are you currently facing difficulty in?

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