Businesses don’t run Businesses, People run Businesses. 

Understand yourself and others, 
success will follow.


We all have a vision of how we see our business and lifestyle unfolding, but it is all in our head. With little strategy and planning we keep going around in circles stuck in confusion and it all becomes too hard.

This program is a short 1 day strategy session designed to extract your vision and goals, identify gaps and opportunities, then organising it all into a simple 1 page strategy that brings your vision to life. Followed by preparing a detailed step by step plan so that you can realise your vision as quickly as possible.

You will become crystal clear on what to do first, second, third and so on. You can then take deliberate action knowing you will achieve the growth and success you desire.
Procrastination and lack of momentum can be the difference between business success and failure.

Running a solo-business can be isolating. Keeping yourself motivated and accountable is exhausting and a daily challenge. So, what if you had someone to check in with, to act as a sounding board, brainstorm new ideas with, discuss challenges that arise? What about having someone to inspire you, motivate you and keep you accountable?

This program is designed to do just that! A mentor to work with you step by step, shoulder to shoulder, keeping you focused and accelerating forward.
Simple "no BS" training courses on business fundamentals that give you the "how to" grow your income so you can outsource all those hats you don't want to be wearing anymore.

A collection of online short courses from experts in their fields showing you simple strategies, hacks and tech tools perfect for the solo small business owner.

On topics like Business Planning, Brand & Marketing, Advertising, Networking, Sales, Social Media, Product Development, Pricing, Customer Service, Financial Management and Mindset including the "4 step Overwhelm Buster" and "Time Creation Formula".
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