Love your life again

Can you imagine:

Feeling passionate & excited about life!
Having patience & emotional control.
Feeling appreciated & supported.
Enjoying time laughing and connecting with your family.
Having more “Me Time” – Guiltfree!
Feeling sexy, confident and empowered!
Finally doing what you love, every day!

Do you face:

Self-Sabotage in finances, health or relationships
Thinking about everyone else’s needs first
Having to do everything or it doesn’t get done
Overwhelm, anger, sadness, fear or guilt
Feeling disconnected from your spouse or just can’t find love
Feeling bored & frustrated at work
Feeling trapped with no choices
Not knowing what you’re passionate about anymore

I'd like to share my story


Why people feel stuck and overwhelmed

Societal pressures and conditioning from mass media
Outdated thinking learnt in childhood.
Focus and busyness on the wrong things
Lack of confidence and self belief
Lack of time and stillness
Unconscious Self Sabotage
Trying to please everyone else first
Putting their dreams, desires, health & wellness on the backburner
Fear of failing and not being good enough.


Unprocessed emotions can build up over time with or without you even noticing. 

Emotions like Overwhelm, Fear, Guilt, Grief, Anger and Frustration can stay trapped within your psyche and over time manifest into Depression, Anxiety and even physical illness. 

This program is designed to uncover the roots of any emotional stress you may be feeling and release it from the body so you can start enjoying life again feeling calm and fulfilled.
Life can take over after marriage, mortgage and parenthood. 

As people put themselves further on the back burner with each passing year, their health, relationships and passions become lost in the busyness of everyday life. 

One day you wake up asking "what about me?" You feel lost, like nothing lights you up anymore.

This program is designed to break you out of this cycle, reconnect with your true self, rediscover your passions and fall in love with yourself again.
There was a time when Lisa and Tim were crazy in love, but… lately they have been arguing more and more, they don't have fun or spend time together and are wondering if they can live like this anymore? 

Whether you are wanting to reconcile your relationship or proceed with separation and divorce, maintaining positive and harmonious communication is essential to protect the wellbeing of all involved including any children affected. 

Learn positive communication strategies in this program to either rekindle or Co-Parent in this difficult time.

What is different about my Coaching Programs?

Unlike most coaches I am a Psychology graduate and Master Practitioner in many alternative therapies that cover all aspects of the mind (conscious, unconscious & higher self).

In addition my coaching is based on the philosophy that we must consider, and align, all of our bodies (physical, mental and energetic body) to achieve true clarity, healing and well-being.

The specific therapies and methods I apply to my coaching programs will vary significantly depending on the clients unique concerns. Therefore no cookie cutter approach is applied.

Coaching sessions are personally tailored to your needs to ensure the best outcomes for you. I also teach you the simple methods I use so you are empowered to continue your personal development at home if you wish.

What others say

“You took me past my own thinking and facilitated some great shifts and new perspective which helped me get a sense of peace and calm to think more clearly again and get moving. Thank you”


“This program opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my life, how I’ve lived in the past, and the opportunities I have for a fuller, more exciting and much more rewarding life!”


“Thank you for helping me take the leap of faith I needed to begin my new journey. I now feel lighter and know how to move forward.”


“A huge thank you for all your support, patience and expertise it has been an amazing journey that I’m very grateful for. I broke through my barriers of not having enough time and money. I’m now free from the emotional shackles I was so burdened with”


“I learned so much about why I was in my current life situation and how I can move forward. I now have a clear direction moving forward and am excited looking forward to a much brighter and happier life!”


“You’re an amazing listener, can see the bigger picture and ask all the right questions to help me map out the best way forward. I’m feeling a lot of clarity and the areas we worked on are already improving. Thank you so much for your amazing work.”


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